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February 2020

February Fails!

I asked for the fail videos and I got the fail videos! I must admit I had a good giggle at them! Please enjoy this small selection of fails.

If you have any that you'd like to share please send them to me or the studio page & I may do a feature every now and again for fails!

Crystal Gibson Workshop

You all LOVED her! I must admit I was jealous of not being able to do these workshops they looked like so much fun and from what I can gather she is a lovely person.

I asked Jaime how she got on with her private; broke, this was literally what I got.

Crystal was really good at giving instructions, she is very experienced in teaching and Jaime got to learn a lot from her. This workshop was also aimed at all the students, Crystal was able to give everyone moves that they could achieve.

Pole Competitions

First link that we have if you'd like to purchase tickets for Pole Performance Competition! Click HERE for tickets. This takes place Sunday 22nd March 2020 at Carnegie Hall Dunfirmline. Here you will get the see Kayleigh, Carly and Jaime performing! It will be an awesome day.

Authentics is next, this takes place 5th April 2020! We have the following Jaime, Kayleigh and Maz doing solo routines followed by Maz & Dee and Carly and Kayleigh with doubles! I can assure you this one is not one to be missed! For more information please follow the link to their Facebook page HERE

Megapole takes place on the 17th May 2020, this is a chance for everyone to showcase their routines without the pressure of a competition. Showing off their awesomeness is Heather, Maz, Morven & Kirsty and Zoe. Ticket information is not yet on their event page but we will keep you posted.

Everyone is having so much fun putting together their routines, I've seen one so far, which can I say after the run through's to be able to record it was ON POINT! You won't be disappointed by any of our students routines! Top Quality.

Here are some photos from previous competitions the students and instructors have preformed at.


You asked for it, so here is a little bit to keep you going

  • V-Sits - grab yourself a space on the floor (you might want to use a yoga mat depending on the surface), sit in a V like shape. Try and keep your legs at straight as possible. Hold for 15 - 20 seconds and relax. Do this 3 times

  • Plank - get yourself in a comfortable space. Lay flat on your stomach, put your forearms in a triangle shape and push up. Remember not to put your bum too high, you want to try and keep in a nice flat shape. Remember to squeeze all your muscles and hold for 15 - 20 seconds and relax. Repeat 3 times

  • Wall Seats - find a suitable space on the wall that you will fit in. Place your back flat against the wall and walk your feet out slightly, slide down the wall until you're at a 90 degree angle with your legs bent (so you are basically sat on an imaginary chair against the wall). Squeeze your legs / bum and hold for 30 seconds (if possible, if not start at 20 seconds) repeat 3 times

  • Squats - your all time favourite! You all know what to do, make sure you're not sticking your bum out as you squat down, and make sure your legs are shoulder width apart. Squeeze your bum remember Do 3 sets of 25

  • Hamstring Stretches - Sit on the floor, legs out straight in front (pointed toes). Reach up with your hands and and lean forwards, keeping your back straight trying not to round it, and reach for your toes. Don't worry if you don't get far, everyone has to start somewhere. If you find that this is easy, try putting your feet on block / a cushion for a little elevation. Hold this for 30 seconds, relax and shake your legs, repeat 3 times

  • Shoulder Stretch - Sit on the floor and put your hands behind your back and try to get your little fingers to touch. Slowly wriggle your bum forward keeping your hands where they are. You will start to feel a stretch across your shoulders, keep going until you can't anymore. Hold this for 30 seconds and repeat 3 times

If you find some of the sets too easy or too hard, change the amount you are doing or the length of time. Let me know what you think and if you'd like some more stretches / conditioning in next months blog.

Spinny Vs Static Poles

I know some of you are looking to invest in your own pole at home and have questions and queries as to what to get and why.

In class you will use both static and spinning pole; some people prefer to only work on static (this is fine) and some people find they get motion sickness from spinning - people will try travel bands, anti-sickness tablets which can / do work.

It really is a personal preference as to what you'd want. Xpole offer four different kinds of poles to purchase:

  • Xpole Xpert Pro which has static & Spinny option but also features the new Xlock, change between static & Spinny with a twist of the wrist (no tools required)

  • Xpole Xpert which has static & Spinny Option

  • Xpole Sport which is static only (no spinny option)

  • Xpole Xstage which has static & spinny option these are pretty expensive £610 delivered

There is also a home mount available which allows you to install a permanent mount which blends into the ceiling (looks like a light fitting) £40 available for Xpert (spinny) only

My own home pole is an Xpole Xpert. I prefer static pole so love to be able to do my conditioning and practice old and new moves (as long as I have enough room haha). However having the option to be able to put it on spin every now and again is great and love to practice my spins! For me I use this the most when training for a competition; where I can get a little creative at home, and try to remember what on earth I am actually doing haha

If you're looking to purchase a pole, please get in touch with Jaime through the studio page as she is a reseller!

Mothers Day

March 22nd is Mothers Day!

Why not treat your mam to a private lesson or even a starter pack! There are so many mother and daughter polers this would be a great way to introduce more mams to pole!

Watch out in March's Blog for a Special Mothers Day section.

Grip Aids

As you know the studio has a few different kinds of grip aid to help when poling. the most used is definitely dry hands. You may have seen that the studio now stocks a new grip, Enviro Grip by Kristy Sellers, it smells amazing! The full packaging is biodegradable and also vegan friendly! If you're still struggling to find the right grip aid maybe this is something for you?!



Upcoming events for your diary at Butterfly Studio:

  • Exotic Workshop - 6th March 6:45pm and 8:30pm Starts

  • Pole Performance Competition - 22nd March 2020

  • Authentics - 5th April 2020

  • Megapole - 17th May 2020

  • Exotic Goddess Showcase - 30th May 2020

  • Butterfly Studio Showcase - 5th September 2020

  • Image Cella Photoshoot – 24th October 2020


Class Timetable


10-11am - Pole - Beginner / Intermediate / Advanced 6-7pm - Stretch & Flex - All Levels 7-8pm - Pole - Beginner / Intermediate / Advanced

Tuesday 10-11am Pole - Beginners 1-2pm - Pole - Beginner / Intermediate / Advanced 6-7pm - Pole - Beginner / Intermediate / Advanced

Wednesday 10-11am - Pole - Beginner / Intermediate / Advanced 6-7pm - Pole - Beginners 7-8pm - Pole - Beginner / Intermediate / Advanced 8-9pm - Pole - Beginner / Intermediate / Advanced

Thursday 6-7pm - Pole - Beginners 7-8pm - Pole - Beginner / Intermediate / Advanced 8-9pm - Pole Dance - Choreo - Competent in Spins and Sits

Friday 10-11am - Pole - Beginner / Intermediate / Advanced

Saturday 11-12noon - Pole - Beginner / Intermediate / Advanced


2-3pm - Pole Practice - Beginner / Intermediate / Advanced


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