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Upcoming Events

Sat, May 08
Butterfly Studio - Pole Dance & Fitness
PooeOclock Images - Pole Photoshoot at Butterfly Studio
Butterfly Studio are hosting PoleOclock Images for a Pole Photoshoot Day PoleOclock Images would love to give you a pole photoshoot experience you’ll never forget. You will receive a 30min slot [1 hour shared between 2 or 30mins solo]
Time is TBD
Butterfly Studio - Pole Dance & Fitness
Exotic Goddess Showcase
Love dancing exotic style? Whether freestyling it out or putting a routine together? Would love to show it off but the thought of an exotic competition gives you the fear? Then perform your routine or freestyle it out at our Exotic Goddess Showcase 😉 This showcase is open to polers only
Time is TBD (Postponed)
Butterfly Studio - Pole Dance & Fitness
Butterfly Studio Showcase 2020
Postponed from September, new date TBA