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Butterfly Rebels

Kids / Teens Pole Fitness Classes

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What is a Butterfly Rebel?

Butterfly Rebels – Rebel Statement

  • Rebels make the world a more colourful place, they are creators who have an interesting approach to life. The world will never be boring if rebels work their magic!

  • Rebels are intelligent, original and have a distinct individual style and never follow the crowd.

  • The have a rebel’s heart, their spirit and personality bursts with uniqueness.

  • A Rebel is more concerned with being themselves and defining who they are than defining themselves through the eyes and words of others.

  • They rebel against the crazy world who keeps trying to tell them who they are.

  • A Rebel never hides who they are and what makes them great for fear of what others say.

  • A Rebel respects their own mind, body and soul and always treats themselves with love and compassion.

  • They always try and treat others fairly and with respect. They accept that other people have different opinions and that is what makes the world an interesting place.

  • Rebels create a sense of excitement with the visions they have! They can create the friction required to test new ideas and find alternative ways of doing things.

  • Rebels always try their best and are patient with themselves as they embark on new journeys throughout their life.

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