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Butterfly Rebels - Terms and Conditions

Butterfly Rebels – Terms and Conditions

Please read very carefully and ensure they are always adhered to


Lateness and cancelations

  • Please ensure that you arrive five minutes prior to the class starting. This will ensure you participate in a thorough warm up, reducing risk of injury and ensuring the class starts on time. If you miss the warmup unfortunately, you will be unable to participate in the class. Refunds for late students will not be issued. Please do not be late.

  • Please ensure your lessons have paid online prior to your attendance or bring payment for the lesson if it has been agreed to be payment via cash.

  • If you need to miss a class, please give us at least 24 hours’ notice. If block booking, refunds will be unavailable, nor will classes be carried forward to the next block.

  • In the event of snow or bad weather we will try to contact you by text. Please get in touch with the instructor if you are unsure.

  • Butterfly Rebels reserve the right to cancel a class if the minimum numbers are not met, 24 hours’ notice will be given where possible. Minimum number to run a class must be four students.

  • Butterfly Rebels reserve the right to alter the timetable or instructor due to circumstances beyond our control.


Stay Safe in Class

  • Please do not apply lotions, moisturisers, or creams on the day of the class. Not only will it make you slippery, increasing the risk of injury, but it also leaves the poles slippery for others, increasing their risk of injury too.

  • Ensure rings and jewellery are removed prior to class if these cannot be removed, please cover them with tape.

  • Please be aware that in our lessons/sessions there will be a need for physical contact by the instructor for safety in spotting, for skill learning and correcting technique. Your personal privacy will always be considered but not at the risk of your health and ultimate safety of everyone participating.

  • We ask that students follow the lesson plan prepared by the instructor.

  • It is imperative that students follow the guidance set out by the class instructor and do not attempt a move another student is working on. Please listen well and do as you are asked in class.

  • Class safety is of utmost importance, and we will go over expectations of behaviour at the start of each class. We will always encourage and reinforce good behaviour using verbal praise. However, we do operate with a ‘three strikes’ rule and this will be enforced if you must be asked three times to follow instructions or is seen to be misbehaving and making the class unsafe or distracts the instructor away from the class due to their behaviour.

  • Our insurance only covers appointed persons to teach. Therefore, if someone is injured trying a move they have not been shown by an appointed person, Butterfly Rebels will not be liable for any compensation. In addition to this, every individual is taught moves based on their previous experience, flexibility, and strength. This can be an individual plan developed by an experienced instructor and tailored to each student personally, just because you learnt some moves in a certain order does not mean others will too. Pole dance instruction involves breaking down many parts of a move. If you were to show someone a new move and miss out a piece of vital information, this could result in a fellow student spending endless amount of energy, wrongly trying to get into/out of a move with the poor techniques and/or potentially injuring themselves. Therefore, we request you do not teach other students new moves during the class, only appointed persons are permitted to teach.

  • Mats are provided for you safety; these will be used when moves are being taught and learned.

  • Please ensure you clothes are appropriate for pole and do not have any zips or metals on them, or anything that could cause damage to the poles or cause injury to yourself. Shorts and t-shirt are encouraged as the skin is required to grip onto the pole. Leggings can be worn but may restrict the grip.

  • Please ensure you have enough water to keep themselves hydrated during the class.



  • All students must complete the medical questions (PARQ) you are responsible for answering all these questions truthfully. Any changes to health must be immediately reported to your instructor. Your instructor will decide if you are safe to carry on with exercise.

  • You are the best judge of your health. If you have any sickness or injuries which may put you or others at risk during the lesson, please inform your instructor prior to the start of the lesson or if you injure yourself or feel ill during their lesson, to advise the instructor immediately.


Photography, videos & social media

  • Photographs and footage may be taken throughout classes by other students and the instructor and uploaded to social media. These may be used by Butterfly Rebels for promotional, advertising, and commercial purposes. Please discuss with your instructor if you have any concerns or if you wish to be exempt from this, in this case you will be blurred or angled in such a way.



  • I understand that Butterfly Rebels will always work with my best interest in mind.

  • I agree to inform Butterfly Rebels of any injury or circumstances which may put myself or others at risk, while attending/participating in lessons.

  • I will always be respectful and supportive to the instructor and other students. Butterfly Rebels has ZERO TOLERANCE of inappropriate / abusive behaviour of any kind and you will be asked to leave with no refund.

  • Butterfly Rebels will not be held responsible for any damage or loss to student’s property. All students are advised to bring belongings at their own risk.

  • I understand that pole dancing / fitness is a potentially dangerous sport. I agree that I will practice safely within the boundaries of my own capabilities as advised by my instructor. Involvement in Pole dancing / fitness and related activities carries a significant risk of damage to property, personal injury or death. Participation is at your own risk. I understand that participation in this sport has potential dangers and that I take full and sole responsibility for my actions and safety.

  • I agree neither I nor anyone representing me will sue or bring any legal action against ‘Butterfly Rebels’ or any persons involved with this company.

  • In the event I decide to sue or my heirs decide to sue I agree I will be in breach of contract and therefore agree to forfeit any claim to anything, and my estate or heirs will pay any defendant whatever legal fees are necessary to defeat or defend against such action.

    Any information provided including Emergency contact information will be stored in line with the GDPR 2018.


Rebels contact details

Jaime Baker 07764743479

Version 1

Revised Date: 07.05.2023

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