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What We Offer

Pole Dance / Fitness


Most of the Pole classes are mixed ability (open to All Levels) however

we do have some level specific classes now too  ;

  • Pole for Beginners

  • Pole - Beginner / Intermediate

  • Pole - Intermediate / Advanced

  • Pole - All Levels


We work with people individually within the group class as
everyone progresses differently on each move.

The level specific classes are open to any level but are predominantly

that level of students.

Pole Dance Classes Arbroath

1:1 Tuition

1:1 (or 1:2 or 1:3 or 1:4) Lessons are available, please contact us to

arrange a time.

The hour lesson includes:
• Undivided attention
• Work on moves of your choice (level dependent)
• Pole to yourself

• If it is your First lesson we will go over the fundamentals, basic moves, strengthening exercises.

Perfect for people who want to

• Build their confidence before joining classes • Progress quicker • Concentrate on certain nemesis moves • Just prefer 1:1 tuition

Polevocative Workshop


Unleash your sexy side, slow things down, heat things up, learn moves and transitions to bring out the provocative in you!

What to wear / bring ...
Wear whatever you feel good in ;) the sexier the better, do your hair, make up & grab those heels!!

Pleaser Style shoes (platforms) and Knee Pads are also recommended, if you don't have any please bring socks.

Polevocative Pole Dance

All Classes

No experience necessary

No upper body strength required

• Wear comfortable workout clothing, ideally shorts and a t-shirt/vest top, if you are not comfortable wearing shorts to your first class wear what you can move freely in, ideally ¾ length leggings, but please bring a pair of emergency (short) shorts just in case you feel brave ;)

• Please DO NOT wear LOTION OR OILS otherwise you cannot participate in the class, this makes the pole slippery and dangerous

• Please DO NOT wear Jewelry (including rings)

• Bring water, socks and a sweat towel

Pole Parties Available


Our Pole Parties will provide you  and your friends with an
experience full of fun and laughter as you learn the
art of Pole Dance.

Contact us for more details of our Party Package.


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