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About Us

Butterfly Studio emerged from its Cocoon in 2016


Butterfly Studio is a Pole Dance and Fitness Studio based in Arbroath, Angus. Established in 2015 by Jaime Baker, Butterfly Studio has flourished into a respected pole dance and fitness studio within the community.

Our instructors have several years of experience from professional dancing, gymnastics, cheerleading and their own journey through pole. Instructors are fully insured and are all Xpert Certified in Professional Pole Teacher Training.


Butterfly Studio offers a range of classes from Stretch and Flexibility to Mixed Level Pole Classes to Polevocative Pole Dance, there is a class for everyone. Classes are run daytime, evening and weekends to enable a time that suits all.


We pride ourselves on our friendly and supportive community, which empowers the growth and development of all our students inside the studio and out. The growth of each students pole journey, both physically and mentally is what we strive to achieve and is the passion that drives Butterfly Studio.


We provide a fun and safe teaching environment where members describe the studio as their happy place and somewhere exclusively for their 'Me time'. 

At Butterfly Studio Our Mission:

is to inspire confidence, strength and empowerment through the power of pole, in an uplifting community that encourages you to embrace your uniqueness, rekindle your inner sparkle and like a butterfly, flourish and transform yourself into

the most powerful version of you.

Why Butterfly Studio?


It took me quite a while to decide on the name, it needed to be just right, symbolise and align with our vision and core values.

But what do Butterflies have to do with Pole Dancing?
Much more than you might think.

Metaphorically speaking, both can symbolise transformation, freedom and beauty. 

Butterflies are often associated with metamorphosis, as they undergo a remarkable transformation from a caterpillar to a vibrant, winged creature. This symbolism aligns with the transformative nature of pole dancing, where individuals can experience personal growth, self-discovery, and increased confidence through their pole journey.

Similarly, pole dancing can be seen as a form of liberation and freedom of expression. The fluid and graceful movements executed on the pole can evoke a sense of beauty and elegance, much like the fluttering of butterfly wings. Both butterflies and pole dancing embody a certain lightness and ethereal quality that can captivate and inspire.

The connection between butterflies and pole dancing also stems from the idea of breaking free from societal norms and expectations. Just as butterflies defy gravity with their ability to fly, pole dancing challenges conventional notions and stereotypes, empowering individuals to embrace their bodies, defy limitations, and find their own unique form of self-expression.

The more I researched, the more I realised how perfect Butterflies are to symbolise the metamorphosis that happens in our studio.

Butterfly Studio emerged from its cocoon and has been evolving ever since.

Meet our Team:

Our Values


A feeling of self assurance arising from an appreciation of one's own abilities or qualities.


When people first reach out to us, the the statement we hear most often is:

"I don't have any confidence"

The truth is, you do have the confidence within you, you just need to reinvigorate it to let it flourish.

It honestly breaks our hearts to hear this BUT to see your confidence continuously grow throughout your pole journey, once you realise what your body and mind is capable of is just incredible.

Hopefully some of these amazing Confidence Journeys Inspire you and give you butterflies too

 Confidence Journey's


The process of becoming stronger and more confident, especially in controlling one's life and claiming one's rights.

Empowerment through the power of pole.

When you first start Pole you will see pictures / videos of other pole dancers and look in awe,

"I will never manage to do that"!

Before you know it the tables have turned and you are the one accomplishing the beautiful move making it look effortless and feeling like the Powerful Goddess you are while doing it.

This then crosses over to areas outside of the studio, once you start nourishing the power within you, it will continue to flourish and transform you into the most powerful version of you.   

Embracing your Uniqueness

Accept willingly and enthusiastically being particularly remarkable, special, the only one of its kind.


We are all unique in our own way, but no one is perfect.

Everything about you is unique, its what makes you YOU!

Your beautiful eyes, fingerprints, how you talk, smile, make people smile, laugh, dance, connect with people, learn, your gifts, talents and personality.

We encourage you to embrace all your distinctive characteristics and not to compare yourself to others, they are not you.

At Butterfly Studio our syllabus is not a one size fits all, we understand everybody is completely unique individual, learn in different ways and will conquer moves in a manner suited to their learning style and ability. 

This is why you will have your own completely unique experience and pole journey.

Rekindling your Sparkle

It is so easy to get caught up in everyday life / working / studying / being a parent, sometimes you might find that you lose a bit of what makes you YOU, your inner essence, your sparkle.

Spending some time with like minded people, who lift each other up and remind them just how incredible they are, is just what is needed to rekindle that inner sparkle and let it shine bright.


One of the main inspirations for naming Butterfly Studio was the symbolism of Transformation. 

We absolutely love seeing everyone's Confidence and Strength both physically and mentally transform as they progress through their own pole journey.

Beginning as the often shy, un-confident caterpillar and emerging as the strong beautiful unique butterfly, that has the confidence, ability and power to fly through anything life throws at them.

Did you know the very act of struggling against the cocoon walls pumped the blood and life into the butterfly's wings.

The greater the struggle, the stronger and the more beautiful the wings would become.

Without fighting that battle, the butterfly could never reach its potential.

The butterfly actually NEEDED that struggle in order to take flight.

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