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When are the classes?

For full schedule please see BOOK  classes are held mornings and evenings during the week and Saturday mornings.

Where are the classes held?

Butterfly Studio in Market Place, across from Corn Exchange (Weatherspoons), above Ferrier's Florist,

23 Market Place, Arbroath, DD11 1HR


How much are the classes? Can I pay monthly?

There are various options of monthly memberships available, you can also pay as you go, please message us for a breakdown.


How do I book?

Create an account on the BOOKING SYSTEM answer the questions, sign the waiver, choose which class you would like to book in the Schedule and register, it should only take a few minutes, however any questions just send us a PM on our Facebook page, Butterfly Studio - Pole Dance & Fitness.


What if I need to cancel / change my class?

You will be charged in full for less than 24hrs notice of non attendance, it is your responsibility to change the booking prior to the 24 hour cancellation cut off point. This can be done on the BOOKING SYSTEM.


I work shifts and wont be able to come to the same class each week, is that ok? 

Yes of course, lots of people that come work shifts and come to different classes each week, it is not a problem.

What should I wear?

Anything you feel comfortable working out in, ideally short shorts and a vest top / T-shirt. If you are not comfortable wearing shorts to your first class wear what you can move freely in, ideally ¾ length leggings, but please bring a pair of emergency (short) shorts just in case you feel brave ;) However there is NO pressure to wear shorts, it does restrict some of the moves we will be teaching, (you need skin contact to grip the pole) but we will give you similar alternatives if you don't have shorts on. Trainers can be worn for warm up, bare foot / soft dance shoes for rest of class. In Winter it can be a little chilly during the stretch, so leggings / leg warmers and a sweatshirt / hoodie is recommended.

I've never done pole fitness / pole dance before?

Everyone was a beginner at some point, as my classes only just started in January 2015 in Arbroath, 95% were in the same boat.

I would prefer Private Tuition / Small Group?

1:1 Tuition & Small Group Tuition is available, please contact us and we will do our best to suit your requirements.

I'm nervous / scared / lack self esteem!? 

Our classes are small, only 12 people max, so many people have said they are nervous, but it's all about just coming along and having fun, if you like it, great, if you love it, awesome! If it's not for you, that's ok at least you can say you tried it out. A lot of people say it increases their self esteem and confidence so you never know :) Maybe bring a friend along and try it together?

How many people will there be per pole?

There will be no more than 2 people to a pole per class, giving plenty time for each person to get a good amount of time practicing the moves.

Are the classes big?

The classes are small, the maximum people per class is 12.

Is there an age limit?

If you're 16 or 17 you will require parental consent, a form will be given and you will need this signed prior to your first class, if you are under 16 we are not fully insured as of yet to teach you, but we are looking at doing the Youth qualification which more resembles vertical gymnastics. Age range in classes is 16-60+

I have no upper body strength!

No problem, your strength will build with the moves, we also do conditioning exercises in class to build your strength for the upcoming moves and we give out homework too :)

I am not fit enough!

Just like your strength, your fitness will increase with every class you do, everything is tailored to your individual level.

I can't dance!

As well as the tricks (spins and holds) we work on flow, putting the moves together into routines with simple transition moves.

Am I too big?

You are never too big to Pole, everyone has different strengths, a lot of people say to me they would need to lose weight before starting classes, this is not the case everyone can come along and get an amazing workout no matter what size, weight, shape, gender, age, fitness level. Pole Classes will also build strength, assist in losing weight and build confidence.

I bruise easy!

Arnica homeopathic tablets and gel / cream (you can get from most chemists) is very good for reducing / preventing bruising, however your body soon adapts and the bruising subsides.

Why can’t I put lotion / oil on my skin prior to class?

Oils and lotions make the skin slippy and greasy which also transfers onto the pole making it slippy and greasy and above all DANGEROUS for you and the other pole users, if you really need to moisturise there are pole specific moisturisers that you can buy to make your skin grippy not slippy Pole Physics (can be purchased through me), Body Shop - Body Sorbet and Embrace are ones we recommend.

Why can’t I wear jewelry, rings etc?

Your jewelry can scratch the pole that could then in turn scratch you, it can also get caught on certain parts of the pole, which could result in injury.

I'm pregnant / just had a baby can I come to class?

Congratulations, however until you have had your baby and been signed off by your Dr as fit to exercise, 6 weeks post natural birth, 10 weeks post c-section, you cannot participate in pole fitness, sorry.

I want my own pole at home! Can you help me?

Of course, we are an authorised reseller of Xpole UK, we can discuss with you which type and size would be best suited for you.

I need Dry Hand Grip, Pole Shorts. Can I buy them from you?

Yes, please check out our SHOP


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