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If you have just become a member at Butterfly Studio or have been a member for a while but never used the Members Lounge.

Please create an account on this website, then Message us to gain access to the full Members Library and Benefits

Watlist Text Notifications

If a class is FULL 😱
PLEASE USE THE WAITLIST it’s what it’s there for 😃

If a space comes up and it’s more than 24 hours before the class start time it will auto book you in, if you have a membership 😁
If less than 24 hours it will hold your spot for 1 hour and email you to ask if you still want to book.

You can also register for txt alerts too, (we don’t all check our emails hourly) super simple to do 😎

🌟 Waitlist Text Notifications 🌟

How to add your mobile number so you get a text instead of an email 💌😁

Add your number in the SMS box in “My Account” verify it with the code sent to your mobile ✔️
Then check the SMS box in notifications ✔️ 
Please watch the video if you need it 😉 

We have seen 4+ people on the wait list and still spaces in class, people’s plans change all the time. 

Watch our Video Tutorial 

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