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At Butterfly Studio our Mission:

is to inspire confidence, strength and empowerment through the power of pole, in an uplifting environment that encourages you to embrace your uniqueness, rekindle your inner sparkle and like a butterfly, flourish and transform yourself into

the most powerful version of you.

Get Started on your Pole Journey with our

Intro to Pole Pack

We want to make sure you have the best experience possible to start your pole journey.

Never touched a pole before?

Very early in your Pole Journey?

Attended a few classes previously?

We understand you will probably be super nervous before / during your first class which is why we recommend attending a few sessions to really give the best experience of them


After a few classes you start to get into the swing of things and more focused on:

Trusting your body to do things you thought were impossible,

Surprising yourself at being courageous enough to try them in the first place,

Building your confidence both on and off the pole,

Discovering the support of the other students and

Feeling the inspiring energy of the butterfly community you are now a part of.

How do I sign Up?


Click on the link to purchase the Intro to Pole Pack.

This will create your account and add 4 class credits, answer a few questions then register for 4 classes within 30 days from your first class.

Any questions please get in touch, we are happy to help and we know booking online can sometimes be a bit confusing.

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Want to speak to someone before Getting Started?

 Please call / text us, we are more than happy to answer anything and chat to you to ease your mind about any nerves you have.


What to exect in a Pole Class

Check Out Some of our
Members Inspiring Journey's so far:


What to Expect in our Pole Classes?

• Sessions will be tailored to suit your ability, providing personalised sessions with lots of pole and instructor time. 

• You will be working on finding your way around the pole, building confidence with basic moves, spins and flow with some conditioning exercises to help you with future moves. 

• Building up your repertoire of moves and strengthening all the fundamental skills you will learn, ready to take them to the next level. 

• A judgement-free, womxn of all ages and sizes space, filled with uplifting, supportive feminine energy. 

• Encouraging a supportive community from your first class is very important to us which is why our classes are small,  2 people per pole, a maximum of 12 people per class.

• The aim of this Intro Packs is to help build Strength and Confidence within yourself on and off the pole 

What to Wear / Bring: 

• Wear whatever you feel comfortable in, shorts if you want, but you don't have to, leggings is fine for your first few classes 

• Shorts in case you feel brave. 

• Socks to help you pivot on the floor better

• Water to keep hydrated 

Pole Dancing Arbroath

We also offer 1:1 Tuition Sessions, please contact us for availability.

Private Sessions

Not Confident Enough to Get Started?

It's a catch 22 isn't it, you know it will help build you confidence but you are not courageous enough to start.

Hardest step is walking through the door to your first class and letting the magic begin.

Let's Transform your Confidence


We don't just mean inside the studio but in all aspects of your life, taking a step in a new career direction, going on holiday your own, wearing a bikini at a beach, just like some of our incredible members, you can check out their stories below.

Don't know what to expect? lets bust some myths about coming to your first pole class:

Do I need to wear shorts? Not in your first few classes but it is recommended.

Do I need to come to the same class each week? No, we have lots of people who work shifts

Do I need to be Strong / Fit / Core Strength? No

All this including your confidence will increase in time.

Am I Too Old?

Did you know our average is 37, we have lots of members in their 50's and even 60's, age is just a number.

Exclusive Discount

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