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Studio Etiquette


  • Arrive on time & wait quietly for your class to start, if you miss warm up you MUST fully warm up.

  • Use the waiting room and leave all but necessities in the cubbies.

  • Let your instructor know if you are injured or pregnant prior to the start of the class or if you injure yourself or feel ill during your class, advise your instructor immediately.

  • Ensure rings and jewellery are removed prior to class, if you cannot please cover them with tape.

  • Listen when the instructor is instructing.

  • Do not chew gum this is a huge choking risk especially in Pole.

  • Do not wear shoes in the studio, walking to & from waiting room is fine.

  • Do not change poles from Static / Spinny, unless you have been authorised to do so.

  • Do not teach other students new moves, there could be a reason a student has not been taught that particular move or progression. If they ask you, please direct them to the instructor for assistance.

  • Do not attempt to invert if you have never been shown how to correctly.

  • Always use a Mat / be spotted unless you are 100% confident in the move.

  • Always be respectful and supportive to your instructor and other students. Butterfly Studio has ZERO TOLERANCE of inappropriate / abusive behaviour of any kind and you will be asked to leave.

  • Introduce yourself to new students especially if you are sharing a pole with them or see them looking a little “lost” it can be a scary place during your first class.

  • Wipe your pole after using it when sharing a pole – Flannels are available.

  • Do not moisturise before class this can make the poles slippy and dangerous to you and other students.

  • Feel free to use the ‘freshen up’ areas in the toilets and waiting room, it can get a bit hot & sweaty especially in the summer.

  • Shower off any sun cream before class if you have been enjoying some sun, I am a big advocate of staying safe both in the sun and in class.

  • Record your progression with Pictures & Videos, this is highly encouraged, however if anyone is in the background please ensure you are ok to post this on social media.


Butterfly Studio is a place of positivity.

Please leave your baggage, attitude, bad mood, work day & stresses at the door.




Thank you


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