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Terms & Conditions

Butterfly Studio Terms and Conditions

Please read very carefully and ensure they are adhered to at all times

Online Classes

This Waiver is for those who are attending any online lessons run by a Butterfly Studio Instructor.
I agree to take full responsibility for my actions during any Butterfly Studio online class.

Before taking part in any online class I agree to the following:

• To make sure that I have enough space to be able to do the lesson.
• If using a product e.g a POLE, a MAT or a CHAIR, this has been installed correctly and safely to the best of my knowledge as per the manufacturer guidelines.
• Any injuries or incidents occurred during the class are in no way the fault or the responsibility of Butterfly Studio or the instructor.
• I understand that it is my responsibility to take account of any physical or mental impediments I have before I begin any Butterfly Studio online class.
• I have notified the instructor of any medical conditions that may affect me during the class
• I understand that the instructor is not present and unable to spot due to being online so I will listen to instruction at all times.

To access the live online lessons you must have zoom, Wi-Fi and a screen where you can see the instructor clearly and be seen with space around you.

Online Class Disclaimer:

I accept that I am responsible for providing all of my own equipment including but not limited to the pole (which must be purchased from a professional manufacturer and installed as per the manufacturer guidelines), safety mat, clothing and footwear and the instructor will not accept any liability arising out of defective equipment. I acknowledge that the instructor is not present with me and cannot make an adequate assessment of the area where I am exercising and it is my responsibility to ensure the area is clear, safe and free from any hazards which may cause injury to me or to others.

I acknowledge that I am responsible for exercising within my own skill and fitness levels. If at any time I feel the moves I am completing are above my current skill level I will cease immediately. Likewise if I feel any discomfort, pain, sickness or dizziness I will immediately stop the activity.

Lateness / Cancellation

• Please make sure you arrive 5 minutes prior to the class starting. This will ensure you participate in a thorough warm up, reducing risk of injury and ensuring the class starts on time. If you miss the warm up but still arrive within the first 10 minutes of class, you will be allowed in and warmed up by the instructor when they are available to do so. If you are more than 10 minutes late you will be refused entry into the class. Refunds for late students will not be issued. Please do not be late.
• Please ensure you have paid for the lesson online or bring payment for the lesson if it has been agreed to be payment via cash.
• If you need to miss a class, please give us at least 24 hours’ notice, it is your responsibility to change the booking prior to the 24 hour cancellation cut off point on the TeamUp Booking System. You will be charged in full for less than 24hrs notice of non-attendance. If it is a cash payment this will still be due to be paid.
• In the event of snow or bad weather there will be notices placed on our Facebook page, Butterfly Studio and WhatsApp Update Chat. We will also try to contact you individually by text. Please get in touch with the instructor if you are unsure.
• Please remember we become booked up at least 1 week in advanced. Therefore, please ensure you BOOK IN after a holiday or non-attendance so you do not lose your space.
• Butterfly Studio reserve the right to cancel a class if the minimum numbers are not met, 24 hours’ notice will be given where possible.
• Butterfly Studio reserve the right to alter the timetable or instructor due to circumstances beyond our control.


Stay Safe in Class

• Please do not apply lotions, moisturisers or creams on the day of the class. Not only will it make you slippery, increasing the risk of injury, but it also leaves the poles slippery for others, increasing their risk of injury too.
• Ensure rings and jewellery are removed prior to class, if you cannot please cover them with tape.
• Please be aware that in our lessons/sessions there will be a need for physical contact by the instructor for safety in spotting, for skill learning and correcting technique. Your personal privacy will be considered at all times but not at the risk of your health and ultimate safety of everyone participating.
• We ask that students follow the lesson plan prepared by the instructor and if you would like to attempt something out with our studio syllabus you raise it with the instructor in advance so they can advise.
• It is imperative that students follow the guidance set out by the class instructor and do not attempt a move another student is working on.
• We are happy for you to 'spot' each other during classes. Spotting techniques can be complicated and do require a certain amount of strength, as well as differing from move to move. Therefore, only spot moves you have been shown how to do so by the instructor. This will ensure you are capable and have been shown the correct technique, reducing the risk of injury to yourself and others.
• Although we are very proud that students help each other out, our insurance only covers appointed persons to teach. Therefore if someone is injured trying a move they have not been shown by an appointed person, Butterfly Studio will not be liable for any compensation. In addition to this, every individual is taught moves based on their previous experience, flexibility and strength. This is an individual plan developed by an experienced instructor and tailored to each student personally, just because you learnt some moves in a certain order does not mean others will too. Finally, pole dance instruction involves breaking down many parts of a move. If you were to show someone a new move and miss out a piece of vital information, this could result in a fellow student spending endless amounts of energy, wrongly trying to get into/out of a move with the poor techniques and/or potentially injuring themselves. Therefore we request you do not teach other students new moves during the class, only appointed persons are permitted to teach.
• Mats are provided for your safety, please feel free to use them.
• Items of clothing such as costumes or paraphernalia such as high heels, worn during any session is done so at your own risk. Items such as heels or costumes are a personal choice not a requirement.
• NO alcohol / drugs may be consumed before or during class for the safety of yourself and other students.
• Butterfly Studio reserve the right to refuse entry to any class or ask to cease their participation if, in their personal opinion, any participant is a risk to themselves or others in the class. This may include (but is not limited to) failure to listen to or comply with the instructions and safety guidelines given, appearing to be under the influence of alcohol and/or drugs and/or the recent application of hand creams or body lotions that Butterfly Studio deems unsafe.


• All students must complete the medical questions (PARQ) when registering their online account and are responsible for answering all of these questions truthfully. Any changes to health must be immediately reported to your instructor. Your instructor will decide if you are safe to carry on with exercise.
• You are the best judge of your own health. If you have any sickness or injuries which may put you or others at risk during the lesson please inform your instructor prior to the start of the  lesson or if you injure yourself or feel ill during your lesson, advise your instructor immediately.

Pregnancy / Post Natal

• Unfortunately we are not able to teach anyone who is pregnant for insurance reasons. We ask that students be open and honest about pregnancy as soon as they find out for the safety of yourself and your baby. You are not recommended to pole dance if you are pregnant. If you choose to continue classes after this time, you do so at your own risk.
• You must be signed off by your Dr as fit to exercise, 6 weeks post natural birth, 10 weeks post c-section, before you can participate.


Physical Spotting


• Your instructors may physically spot you from time to time if they see you require assistance with a move.

• This will involve them using their hands to support your during the move so you can focus on the technique.

• If you have any comments about the use of physical spotting during lessons your instructor needs to know about please discuss this with them or update your PARQ form accordingly.

• In case of emergency, your instructor may have to catch you, break your fall, or otherwise physically touch you in order to prevent injury to yourself or another student. While there are crash mats available during lessons, our instructors are fully trained in how to prevent injuries that you may sustain should you get into complications while on the pole.

• By signing this form, you agree that you are comfortable with an instructor needing to touch you in order to prevent injury to yourself or another student.

• This is a safety issue and we are fully aware that, while students may be uncomfortable with being touched, there are times in lessons where this may be unavoidable. As such, if you do not give your consent to being touched in this situation, this class may not be for you.

Payments – Memberships / Class Packs / PAYG / Special Events

Monthly Memberships:

• Monthly Membership are paid via Direct Debit on the 1st of the calendar month and are not transferable or refundable, they have a minimum billing cycle of 3 full calendar months.
• Class Credits must be used within the calendar month and cannot be rolled forward, transferred or refunded.
• The full 3 calendar months must be purchased to receive the discount applicable with the Membership.
• To reschedule / cancel a booked class please log in and amend this on the system at least 24 hours prior to the start time of the class.

• You will be able to cancel registrations and reschedule them until 24 hours before the event starts. If the event occurs in less than 24 hours you may still unregister to open up a spot for someone else but this will still be counted against your membership usage limits and you will not receive a refund.

• Monthly Memberships entitle you to classes of 48 weeks of the year that we are open, if we are open more than 48 weeks of the year these classes are included at no extra cost.

• In the event of a studio closure your current membership will be converted to an online membership, the price will remain the same but the number of class credits will be doubled (this excludes 1:1 sessions) for the duration Butterfly Studio classes are 100% online. We understand not everyone has a pole at home therefore closest alternatives classes will be available.

Notice Period for Cancellation: 

• This membership cannot be cancelled early.
• After the initial 3 full calendar months if you wish to cancel your membership this must be done by emailing
• Cancelling your payment with your bank is not enough to cancel your membership and must not be done until final payment has been made otherwise the final payment must be made via bank transfer within 7 days.
• Cancellation cut off is 30 days before your membership renewal date.
• If you cancel after this time another month’s payment will be due, your membership will be cancelled at the end of that billing period. i.e. if you cancel on the 10th of the calendar month your final payment will come out on the 1st of the next calendar month and your classes can be used until end of that calendar month.
• We accept no responsibility if you fail to cancel your membership with the required notice.
• If you cancel your payment with your bank within the initial commitment period of 3 full calendar months you will be liable to pay the remainder of the outstanding amount within 7 days of date of cancellation.

On Hold:

• If you wish to put your membership on hold for medical reason’s please contact the studio direct, memberships can be placed on hold in the event of illness or injury preventing you from participating, supported by documentary evidence from your doctor and on receipt Butterfly Studio will keep a copy on your file, if this is during the minimum term required this will therefore extend the minimum terms by the length of time placed on hold.

• If you cancel your payment with your bank while your membership is on hold within the initial commitment period of 3 full calendar months, you will be liable to pay the remainder of the outstanding amount within 7 days of date of cancellation and your membership will be automatically cancelled at the end of your initial commitment period.
• If you cancel your payment with your bank while your membership is on hold after the initial commitment period, but do not notify Butterfly Studio via email, we will take this as your 30 day notice period to cancel your membership and the final payment will be due via bank transfer within 7 days.

Late Payment Charges:

• Membership fees are strictly payable on the 1st of each calendar month.
• Butterfly Studio will not tolerate late payments and will pursue full costs.
• For every 7 days the payment is late a fee of £10 Administration fee will be applied to the account. The account can be settled within the initial 7 days without charges or penalties. Any outstanding costs will incur additional charges to cover 1 x chase up call, 1 x chase up email, final notice letter and if necessary Debt Collection Agency/Legal fees, you will be 100% liable for all of these costs.
• You will not be permitted to book any classes/sessions or courses until the account has been settled.
• Late Payment Charges also apply if Notice Period of Cancellation is breached.

PAYG / Class Packs / Courses

• All PAYG / Class Packs / Courses are non-transferable or refundable and will expire as per term stated when booking unless rolled forward in the case of illness/injury preventing you from participating. Supporting documentary evidence from your doctor must be given and on receipt Butterfly Studio will keep a copy on your file. In such cases your booking account will be credited with the pro-rata payment on receipt of the appropriate medical evidence.

Special Events including but not exhaustive to Workshops / Photoshoots / Masterclasses:

• Places for all Special Events are non-refundable, except for in the event of illness or injury preventing you from participating, supported by documentary evidence from your doctor and if Butterfly Studio are unable to allocate your space in any class/session to another participant. In such cases where your place can be filled by another participant and on receipt of the appropriate medical evidence your booking account will be credited. Nothing in this clause shall preclude you from obtaining a refund if Butterfly Studio are in default of their obligations to you. Lateness Policy applies.

Use of your Data Policy:

• Upon booking you will automatically be added to Butterfly Studio’s mailing list and you agree to this unless otherwise stated, emails will be used to notify you of up and coming events and classes and other general information. You can update your preferences or unsubscribe at any time.
• This information will not be shared with 3rd parties.
• Please see our Privacy Policy for full details.

Photography and Videos

• Photographs and footage may be taken throughout classes by other students and the instructor and uploaded to social media. These may be used by Butterfly Studio for promotional, advertising and commercial purposes. Please discuss with your instructor if you have any concerns or if you wish to be exempt from this, in this case you will be blurred or angled in such a way.
• Showcase Performers agree to be photographed and filmed throughout the show. All photography and footage remain the property of Butterfly Studio. Performers have no right to compensation for photography and footage made as part of the show. Performers agree that all photography and footage can be used by Butterfly Studio for promotional, advertising, and commercial purposes.


• I confirm I am aged 16 or above, if I am 16 or 17 I have written consent from my parent / guardian.
• I understand that Butterfly Studio will always work with my best interest in mind.
• I agree to inform Butterfly Studio of any injury or circumstances which may put myself or others at risk, while attending/participating in lessons.
• I will always be respectful and supportive to my instructor and other students. Butterfly Studio has ZERO TOLERANCE of inappropriate / abusive behaviour of any kind and you will be asked to leave with no refund.
• Students are requested to abide by the Studio Etiquette
• Butterfly Studio will not be held responsible for any damage or loss to student’s property. All students are advised to bring belongings at their own risk.
• I understand that pole dancing / fitness is a potentially dangerous sport. I agree to practice safely within the boundaries of my own capabilities as advised by my instructor. Involvement in Pole dancing / fitness and related activities carries a significant risk of damage to property, personal injury or death. Participation is at your own risk. I understand that participation in this sport has potential dangers and that I take full and sole responsibility for my actions and safety.
• I agree neither I nor anyone representing me will sue or bring any legal action against ‘Butterfly Studio’ or any persons involved with this company.
• In the event I decide to sue or my heirs decide to sue I agree I will be in breach of contract and therefore agree to forfeit any claim to anything, and my estate or heirs will pay any defendant whatever legal fees are necessary to defeat or defend against such action.

Any information provided including Emergency contact information will be stored in line with the GDPR 2018.

Nothing in these Terms and Conditions shall affect your statutory rights.

I have read this in its entirety, understood and accept the agreement and Terms and Conditions outlined above, I have answered the health questions accurately and to the best of my knowledge.

By booking your session / class you are agreeing to the above Terms and Conditions, you do so every single time you book. This is in addition to your agreement which you complete on your first session with your Health Questions.

Revised 20th April 2021

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