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Butterfly Studio Showcase

Butterfly Studio Annual Showcase:

Is a spectacular event celebrating a diverse mix of pole dancing skills and styles which will have you watching in awe as they defy gravity in their unique, authentic, creative performances.

Some performers will be pushing their comfort zones to the limit and utilising their new reinvigorated courage to perform for the first time.

What better way to show your friends and family how your passion for pole dance has helped transform you into the most confident and powerful version of you.

What to expect as a performer?

An exhilarating experience where you will be sick with nerves and excitement before you go on stage and buzzing with adrenaline and proudness of yourself when you come off asking when you can do it again.

Creating your Performance

Creating your performance is an amazing challenge, there are lots of ways we can make it unique to us and add our own flavour and style to it.

I find it such an escape when working on my own routine and find it really helps me push myself to increase my endurance and strength. I still get nervous before performing so it also pushes me out of my comfort zone too.

It is an excellent way to give yourself something to work towards and you will be amazed at the progress in yourself in all aspects of your pole journey.

Where to start???

Please do not feel overwhelmed by the below.

Your performance doesn’t have to be crazy and jaw dropping, especially if it’s your first one.

You can do your favourite combo’s on a single pole and put your favourite song that matches your speed to it. It can be as straightforward as that.

Picking a Song:

Things to consider:

Do you naturally move slow or fast?

Do you want it to ooze sexiness?

Do you want it to be slow and sensual?

Do you want it to be dramatic?

Do you want it to be funny?

Do you want it to be super energetic?

You will most likely sicken yourself of the song, as you will be listening to it on repeat and rehearsing to it lots too.

If you’re still not sure, pick a few then try them out and see which one you move easiest too and feels the most enjoyable.

Once you’ve picked, let me know so I can secure it.

Now it is time to dissect your song

Print off the lyrics.

Note down the timings at the start of each Verse & Chorus so it makes it easier for skipping to the sections you are rehearsing to.

Count the music to see how much time you have got, often verses have 4 x 8 counts

Everyone creates differently, I like to find a song that inspires me, then I listen to it A LOT, think of some moves, combo’s that go with each part of the music, write down the combo’s / moves you want to do, make sure you are confident in executing them, it’s not a time to slot in a move you learn the week before the showcase, although some do lol.

Use the words to play with too. “I’m falling” spin to the floor etc

Note down certain moves at certain parts where you want time.

Using accents of the music i.e. to add explosive moves when there is crescendo’s etc

Use the tempo, is it speeding up a bit is the song building, would this be a good time to put in climb, would this be a good section for spinny pole?

Do you want it to have a theme / tell a story?

Do you want to wear Heels or barefoot?

Do you want to include pole tricks or do purely low flow?

Do you want to do chair only, floor only? That is fine too.

Start position? On the floor, behind the curtain and come on when the music starts, starting on the pole, up the pole?

Does your song build slowly? Maybe start low and come up slowly?

Does it have a big dramatic start, power spin or move or drop could be good.

How do you want to end the performance?

On a heap in the floor is what you’re thinking right lol (choreograph it in 😉 )

Similar to the start, is it a dramatic end a slow end.

Filling in the gaps

You have your start, you have your end, you have your main combo’s a little bit of flow.

Now we fill the gaps, oh we have time for a bit of spinny there before you do the main combo, or its just a few seconds, put in a pirouette and air grab, if it fits your style.

How long are the Performances?

The routines can be anywhere from 1 minute to 5 minutes, on average it’s usually about 3-4 minutes, don’t worry we can cut or fade your song at any point too.

For beginners or first time performers you probably don’t want to go over 3 minutes.

Do you have to make your routine up yourself? Or can you get help?

It’s entirely up to you.

Some people have created their whole routine on their own and it has been spectacular,

some have an idea of what they want and they just need a little help to put it together,

some want to do it have a song, but have no clue where to start.

We absolutely love helping you create your routine so if you want to book in for some 1:1’s so we can help you get started, finish it off or for some run through’s, it is definitely worth it, we also offer a pack of 4 x 1:1’s too.

Any other tips?

Try not to leave it to the last minute, although some have started the week before the showcase and still pulled it off.

Practice until you can’t get it wrong, the more your routine is completely drilled into your head the less likely your mind will go blank and you can focus on

enjoying performing rather than stressing about what is coming next.

Don’t panic if you fck up, the only person that knows your routine is YOU!!!

If you fall out of a move your audience is filled with the most supportive people and will be rooting for you to get back up and carry on, you’ll probably get the biggest cheer and that’s only IF they notice.

Do you have to use 2 poles?

No, you can use 1 and have it on static or spin.

Usually if you use 2 poles the left one is on spinny and the right one is on static (if you are standing on stage looking at the audience) but you can have both on spin or both on static too.

Can you use combos & flow from classes?

Yes! That is what they are there for, utilise as much class content as you want, add your own flavour to it, that’s what makes it yours, mix and match whatever you wan to put together your routine.

Do you get time to practice in class?

Yes in the run up you are welcome to use class time to work on your routine / combo’s once you have warmed up.

What do I wear?

You can wear what you would normally wear to class, or you can get as creative as you like, just remember you need to be able to do your routine in your outfit worried you might flash, double sided tape will be your best friend and yes we use it on our crotch to keep our lips from slips as well as our nips from slips.

How many performers?

We normally have around 20 performers.

How many Spectators?

We have 50 seats and it’s usually a full house

What does the set up look like?

We have a beautiful black LED curtain as a backdrop.

Professional lighting, if you would like a particular colour speak to Andrew on the night or at the rehearsal on Friday night.

We have a backstage area behind the curtain and the waiting room

Seats are facing the “stage”

We have a small aisle up the centre of the seats and a walkway between the main door and the toilets.

How to stop being nervous?

There’s a fine line between nervousness and excitement.

Physiologically they are almost identical, elevated heart rate, butterflies in the tummy and the dreaded sweaty palms.

We associate excitement with positive feelings and something to look forward to and nervousness is more when we dread something.

Try to convince yourself you are excited not nervous, you are looking forward to performing, if that still doesn’t work think about being excited for it being all over in a few minutes.

I still get super nervous, erm I mean excited!

I have sweaty hands, I’m panicking!

Either at dress rehearsal or on the night of you can’t make dress rehearsal you’ll fill in a form to say

what way you want the pole(s),

if you’re using any props,

where you’re starting (on Pole, on floor, off stage & coming on)

What grip you want on the poles & how much.

You can have the grip aid applied to the poles, by the Pole Cleaners so it’s like you are constantly reapplying it.

Also using driclor before bed in the run up and tite grip is often a good one too

But practice before with these, the night of the show is not the best time to test things out.

Do we have a dress rehearsal?

Yes on the Friday night at 6pm you can get a full run through, it’s first come first serve for timings so if you need to book a time in let me know asap.

Do you get to practice it on the night before people arrive?

No, We ask that you arrive between 5-6pm on the night, you don’t get a chance for a full run through but this gives you plenty time to warm up, get ready, try out the odd move if you want to.


Your bio is just a little intro to you / your performance, a paragraph that’s read out before you go on:

(Sally loves to help with these too if your stuck.)

How long you have been Poling for?

Age (if you want it mentioned)

What made you decide to start poling?

What you enjoy about poling?

An interesting fact about yourself?

If your performance has a theme you can give a wee intro to it.

It can be

“Up next is Jaime she’d been Pole dancing forever still gets crazy nervous but is looking forward to her celebratory glass of Prosecco when she steps of stage”


“Welcome precious souls, you have now entered into some dangerous magical territory and you need to be very prepared.

You will be cast under a dark sultry spell cooked up full of smooth sexy shoulder mount leg waves, a pinch of dragon tail, heart pumping power spins, and even stunningly spine tingling splits.

She is a force to be reckoned with, she will try and take everyone to the dark side turning them into the devils the truly are.

Watch out she’s coming, it's the BLACK MAGIC WOMEN”


At the end we all get up and do a scissor sit on the pole (4 to a pole) everyone else in a pretty shape on the floor and let off confetti cannons


Remember that you are all awesomely unique and just even the fact that you’re performing means you are massively stepping out your comfort zone and for some performing for the first time. We are not professional or trained dancers, and having to create and perform a 3 min ish routine is bloody hard, so please don’t put any extra pressure on yourself, TRY to enjoy it, you will be nervous, excited (I feel like I wanna throw up before I go on ) I get crazy nerves but that just means you are expanding your comfort zone the adrenaline will get you through, it’s only 3 mins, try to enjoy it, breathe and have fun

Still want to do it?

Sign up on the booking site

You get 1 ticket you can use for yourself or give to a loved one, normally performers sit at the side on the cushions but if you want a chair keep your ticket

for yourself

Tickets are on sale for £10

Send your song to Jaime to secure it asap but by 31st October.

It starts at 7pm we are usually done by 10pm

Your routine will be professionally filmed and you will receive the video to do with as you please.

We put on a free pole practice the Sunday before the showcase for performers.

All performers and helpers receive a free class and entered into draw for a free 1:1, this will be drawn on the night.

Message us for the Sign Up Link

Showcase Helpers

Pole Cleaners

Being part of the pole cleaning team is a fantastic way to step out of your comfort zone and be in front of a crowd without performing. Between performances the poles need to be cleaned and grip aid applied so you do need to be strong climber as you will be climbing quite a few times.

Music Helper

Being in charge of pressing play and stopping at the right time.

The songs are all in order and you have a list if they are faded out or stopped at a certain time.

Video Helper

Recording on the iPhone which is set up on a tripod, as a backup for each performance.


To introduce the showcase and each performance.

You are given a full script to read from.

Ideally feel confident and comfortable speaking in front of a crowd.

After the Showcase

Once the showcase is finished we all go across to Weatherspoons for some drinks to celebrate all our hard work

If you would love to watch all our previous showcase performances:

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Sarah Cruickshanks
Sarah Cruickshanks
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