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Freestyle Flow

Unleash Your Inner Muse

Join our new pole dance session, "Freestyle Flow," where the spotlight is on you.

Explore the art of freestyling to your favorite beats, allowing your creativity to soar.

Embrace the benefits of freestyling—improved self-expression, enhanced confidence, and a deeper connection with your unique dance style.

It's your time to shine and dance freely to the rhythm of your own journey.


A more in-depth exploration of the benefits:


"Freedom Flow" empowers you to express your emotions, stories, and personality through movement. Freestyling allows you to communicate with your body, creating a dance narrative that is uniquely yours.

Confidence Soaring:

As you freestyle to your chosen music, you'll gradually build confidence in your dance abilities. Embracing the freedom to move authentically fosters a positive self-image and a sense of accomplishment.

Creativity Enhancement:

Unleash your creativity by exploring new movements, transitions, and expressions. "Freedom Flow" is your canvas, and each freestyle session is an opportunity to discover and refine your personal dance style.

Mind-Body Connection:

Freestyling deepens your connection with your body. It's a mindful practice that enhances coordination, balance, and spatial awareness. You'll become more attuned to the subtleties of movement and music.

Stress Relief:

Dancing freely to your favorite tunes provides a therapeutic outlet. "Freestyle Flow" is not just a dance session; it's a stress-relieving experience that allows you to let go of tension and embrace the joy of movement.

Improved Spontaneity:

Freestyling sharpens your ability to think on your feet. The spontaneous nature of this session encourages quick decision-making and adaptability, valuable skills both on and off the pole / floor.

Personal Growth:

Embracing the challenge of freestyling is a journey of personal growth. Over time, you'll witness your skills evolve, gaining a deeper understanding of yourself as a dancer and as an individual.


In "Freestyle Flow," the benefits extend beyond physical fitness. It's a holistic dance experience that nurtures your mind, body, and spirit, fostering a lasting love for the art of pole dancing.

This will be a low lit session with chill, gooey vibes, feel free to bring your own music if you’d prefer.

What to Bring / Wear:

Anything you love to move in. Socks, heels, leggings, pole pants, joggers, swooshy bottoms, slinky sets.

Knee pads

Ear buds / headphones if you prefer your own music.


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