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🦋 Symbolism of Butterflies and Pole Dancing 🦋

Have you ever wondered why we called it Butterfly Studio?

It took me quite a while to decide on the name, it needed to be just right, symbolise and align with our vision and core values.

But what do Butterflies have to do with Pole Dancing?

Much more than you might think. 

Metaphorically speaking, both can symbolise transformation, freedom and beauty.  

Butterflies are often associated with metamorphosis, as they undergo a remarkable transformation from a caterpillar to a vibrant, winged creature. This symbolism aligns with the transformative nature of pole dancing, where individuals can experience personal growth, self-discovery, and increased confidence through their pole journey. 

Similarly, pole dancing can be seen as a form of liberation and freedom of expression. The fluid and graceful movements executed on the pole can evoke a sense of beauty and elegance, much like the fluttering of butterfly wings. Both butterflies and pole dancing embody a certain lightness and ethereal quality that can captivate and inspire. 

The connection between butterflies and pole dancing also stems from the idea of breaking free from societal norms and expectations. Just as butterflies defy gravity with their ability to fly, pole dancing challenges conventional notions and stereotypes, empowering individuals to embrace their bodies, defy limitations, and find their own unique form of self-expression. 

The more I researched, the more I realised how perfect Butterflies are to symbolise the metamorphosis that happens in our studio. 

Butterfly Studio emerged from its cocoon and has been evolving ever since.

Like the metamorphosis of a butterfly, our members can undergo a remarkable transformative journey, you can check out some of their own


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