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Summer Showcase 2019

It's Showcase Time! We like to try and plan early to make sure everyone who is involved has time to prep, make a routine and get over nerves.

As always, the Showcase seems to surprise us and suddenly it is only a few weeks to go! Extra training for routine practice, finishing routines, picking new'd be surprised the amount of changes that happen only weeks before the performance! We've previously had someone change their song and routine a week before the performance, this year it was the same day as the showcase a song was changed!!!

Extra classes are put on for students taking part, so they can make up their routines and have extra practice time. Sunday afternoons and some Friday night practices help fit in with everyone schedules but if not, no need to worry as you can always practice during class so you can be confident for your performance. There is always a dress rehearsal the night before the showcase, this is to make sure there are no costume mishaps (nip slips) and you’re happy with everything else. The dress rehearsal is also when Jaime manages to finish off her routine, she is usually too busy helping everyone else and organising to think about her own!

As I was unable to go to training and practice Jaime had to take over for me with shouting POINT! I heard there were a few people who weren’t doing this, good job I didn’t see, my twitch would be back!

The week leading up to the showcase is stressful for Jaime especially when part of her costume arrives and isn’t the right colour! Nerves start to kick in for everyone taking part and even some of them considering pulling out as the pressure is getting too much. As you know the pole community is a family within itself, for each of the showcases there has always been a group chat. The chat is somewhere if you have questions or feeling a little anxious you can chat to everyone else in the same position as you and get it all off your chest. I think each year it has really helped people feel more calm and ready for the showcase especially if is their first time!

This year the bio’s just weren’t coming in and Jaime was starting to panic a little. I offered my services to help anyone if they needed, for Jaime then to decide to put all bios through me and if anyone wanted, I could do them. To be honest I enjoy writing bios for people it’s fun and you get to learn a little more about them. I just hope I did everyone justice.

Each year the showcase is getting bigger and bigger, this year we had a sell out of seated tickets, all 50 of them! They went like wildfire, we couldn’t believe how quickly they sold out this year, just amazing. We also sold quite a few standing tickets on arrival, if was definitely a packed out performance! As the showcase gets bigger, we also need more helpers, the amount of people who offer to help is overwhelming and they always do a fantastic job. This year we had 14 performers and 11 helpers, the showcase just shows how our pole community and some outside help can bring something great to our little town.

Butterfly Studio Showcase Ready

THE SHOWCASE – well what can I say?! Everyone was absolutely amazing! The effort they had all put into performing, their music, outfits everything, it couldn’t have gone any better. If you didn’t manage to go, just wait until all the videos are released you will regret not being there, it is something you do not want to miss next year. The fear of going first is always something you dread, however Jaime being the best instructor ever went first! I think once the first person has gone the nerves do ease off slightly, but it isn’t until your performance is over that you can relax, oh and have a prosecco! I noticed in everyone’s routines they have moves which they can do, but the execution on the night made them amazing! It is incredible what a little bit of adrenalin can do.

The audience were fantastic, for some it was their first time at a showcase and from seeing and hearing their comments they were most definitely amazed. Even students who attended are considering signing up for the showcase next year. It is always a night to remember and is spoken about for weeks after too. Also, may I mention the raffle, some of the prizes for this year were incredible! Privates with Jaime, private PT sessions, smellies, lots of bottle of wine and spirits etc. I’ve never known a place have so many amazing prizes up for grabs at one time.

Some Raffle Winners

The group chat that night and on the Sunday was ON FIRE! Everyone was buzzing it was incredible to see and be apart of. Everyone is and should be so proud of themselves. When the videos started to trickle through of each performance and the photos being uploaded the fire in their bellies start all over again! This is what the showcase is about, the sense of achievement and knowing you are amazing no matter what level you are at.

Jaime - Planche Perfect

Now I am going to go a little off track, but it is still showcase related. There are two regular performers who, unfortunately, couldn’t take part this year Grainne and Josie. Grainne decided earlier in the year she was going to leave Sunny (rainy) Scotland and head to warmer waters of Australia, however her showcase song from last year has haunted a couple of us in the upcoming months to the showcase. Not going to forget that for a while! Josie on the other hand double booked herself with a holiday to Florence, I still think she should have rearranged her holiday, but for some reason she didn’t agree.

Showcase 2019 what a success! All the stress worry and anything in between is always worth it when you get the outcome, we have each time. Well done to everyone who took part, you truly are Butterfly Studios little stars!




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  • Exotic Pole Dance Workshop – 4th & 11th October 2019

  • Active IQ NVQ Level 2 in Mental Health Awareness – 10th November 2019

  • Exotic Pole Dance Workshop – 15th November 2019

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Class Timetable


10-11am - Pole - Beginner / Intermediate / Advanced

6-7pm - Stretch & Flex

7-8pm - Pole - Beginner / Intermediate / Advanced


1-2pm - Pole - Beginner / Intermediate / Advanced

6-7pm - Pole - Beginner / Intermediate / Advanced


10-11am - Pole - Beginner / Intermediate / Advanced

6-7pm - Pole - Beginners

7-8pm - Pole - Beginner / Intermediate

8-9pm - Pole - Intermediate / Advanced


6-7pm - Pole - Beginners

7-8pm - Pole - Beginner / Intermediate / Advanced

8-9pm - Pole - Intermediate / Advanced


10-11am - Pole - Beginner / Intermediate / Advanced


11-12noon - Pole - Beginner / Intermediate / Advanced


2-3pm - Pole Practice - Beginner / Intermediate / Advanced


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