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March 2020

What a different month! It started off great with everyone getting on so well and smashing out new moves here and there! Until Coronavirus, this has literally just ruined March for everyone.


As you know Pole Performance Competition was meant to be this month, however it has been cancelled due to obvious reasons. However we will keep you updated if/when it will be rescheduled.


Lets keep it positive...PRIVATES! So the new instructors at the Studio have been in a little bit of demand for privates! It's been great knowing that students want privates with us new instructors, you don't know how happy that makes us! Obviously we love to teach or we wouldn't be doing it, but getting to do privates...I give out a little scary laugh, rub my hands together and think of ways to work you hard! If you'd like a private with any of us just ask! Don't be scared either, I have put a little but if info for each of us when we are free and what privates we can do!

Holly: Beginners Privates - Fridays 6pm on wards, 8:15pm & 9:15pm Tuesdays and Wednesday 8-9pm

Sally: All levels - Friday 3:30pm on wards, Saturday & Sunday

Morven: Beginners Privates (specialty on spinny) - ask for times

Kayleigh: Beginners Privates - as for times


Following on from fails last month, we'd like to stress the importance of MATS! I know some of you, me included, don't always use mats however when trying new moves or ones that you aren't confident in please use them! For conditioning we've been doing things until you fail...perfect example of when to use mats if you were doing Ayesha to pencil, Butterfly to D etc. Be mindful of what you are doing and also the instructors in class.

Beginners Classes

Some of the beginners classes have been a little quiet lately, so here is a reminder (especially when we get back to 'normal' life)

Tuesday 10-11am Pole - Beginners

Wednesday 6-7pm - Pole - Beginners

Thursday 6-7pm - Pole - Beginners

Remember to invite your friends along too, you never know they might have as much fun as you do.


A few people have asked in the past for a handstand workshop...well we are going to put one on for you! We think this will be in May, as fingers crossed we should be back at pole by then. It will be taken by me (Sal) this might scare a few of you, but I promise to be nice...ish hehe I have had Jaime as my trial partner to see how we can get on with her handstands and I can say they have definitely improved! There will be free standing, against a wall, against a pole, partner handstand and anything else possible! I am hoping people would like to come to this and not have to bribe you haha - watch out for more updates!

If the handstand workshop goes well there may also be a back bend workshop!

On-Line Classes, Privates and Everything Else

OK so there is a pandemic going on at the moment, which is very rude as it is stopping our precious pole time! However as a lot of you may know Jaime has been actively working on ways to keep pole going and give everyone support they need. You have seen a couple of stretch classes, some pole classes and there have also been some privates.

The instructors have been chatting, a lot, about who can do which classes and when to try and suit everyone's timetable as we know some people are still at work, home life with kids, working from home etc. If you do have any suggestions please let us know and we will consider what we can. Keep an eye out on the Students Group on Facebook, Butterfly Website and also Team Up.


I hope that you are all keeping well and doing as you're told...well to an extent. Remember stretch, yoga, pole anything like that can be good for your mental health so please give something a try from home even if it is only just the once.

We miss you all and seeing you properly rather than over a computer / phone screen, but hopefully this will all be over soon and we can get back to our everyday lives!


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