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Polesafe and PDC Approved

Butterfly Studio

Butterfly Studio is not only a Pole Dance Community Approved Dance School but also Polesafe Approved.

Butterfly Studio are ecstatic 😆 to announce that we have been approved by the Polesafe Federation! ✅

As one of only 34 schools in the whole of the UK this is very exciting for the studio and the community!

Polesafe Federation is a collective of industry respected instructors, governed by the Exercise, Movement and Dance Partnership, the National Governing Body and Umbrella Organisation for Exercise, Movement and Dance.

Butterfly Studio strive to give you the best experience from the moment you walk through the door! We want you to achieve you goals and do all those fancy tricks, create that amazing combination or routine and simply be the best you can be!

Underpinning all that is your saftey! In order to achieve your ultimate goal we MUST train at a safe pace and in a safe space, using the correct equipment, with the best instructions, learning and mastering all the fundamental moves (even the boring ones 😉) and perfecting our technique as we move through more advanced moves and combinations.

Polesafe Federation is dedicated to help teachers and students develop and stay safe throughout their pole journey and Butterfly Studio is very proud to be part of the movement in promoting safe and effective Pole Training in the UK #teachsafe #trainsafe #polesafe

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