Reopening Guide

Before You Attend Class

Before you attend class, we want to make sure you understand that in light of the current COVID19 pandemic we have changed a number of policies and procedures at the studio.

We are making every attempt to keep all of our students safe during this challenging time, but we want to make clear that we cannot guarantee that the COVID19 virus will not enter Butterfly Studio and that due to the very nature of our classes, there is always a risk of you becoming ill with this (or any other) communicable disease. We want to make sure that you are fully aware of the risk in making the decision to attend and the policies we have put in place to try to minimise this risk.


You will be asked to sign a new Informed Consent to acknowledge the current situation and updated policies and procedures. This can be signed on the booking system whilst booking your first class back. Please also take a few minutes to ensure your address, mobile number and emergency contact details are up to date.


I would also ensure you have signed up for Waitlist Notifications via Text, if you are unsure how to please message us.
If you have any questions at all, please don’t hesitate to contact us, we look forward to seeing you and again thank you so so much for your continued support.
Please carefully review our updated policies and procedures:

Reopening Guide

Please watch the four short (I tried to keep them short) videos, they outline all important dates, what to expect and why you shouldn't panic if the most exercise you have done in the last 6 month is flex that bicep to drink your prosecco: