✔️ Biodegradable tube
✔️ Unique formula
✔️ Vegan friendly
✔️ Not tested on animals
✔️ 50 cents to charity

✔️ Vanilla scent

Enviro Grip Liquid Chalk 60ml

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    What are the contents/ingredients of enviro grip?

    Ethanol, Aerosil 200, Water, Proplene Glycol, Organic silicone, vanilla fragrance.

    Thank you!
    When you purchase Enviro Grip you're also contributing towards conserving our environment! 

    How do I use enviro grip?
    Apply a small amount to one hand, rub hands together and wait until dry before use. Reapply as needed. To remove, wash hands with warm soapy water. 

    Can I use enviro grip on my body?

    Yes! enviro grip can be used on your hands and any parts of the body you wish to improve grip and reduce sweat. 

    How should I dispose of my enviro grip bottle?

    The enviro grip bottle/tube is biodegradable and can be added to your regular rubbish bin where it will degrade during the waste process. The cap is recyclable and can be added to your recycle bin.

    *Depending on your area and country, you may have a designated disposal centre for biodegradable materials as well.