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At Butterfly Studio our Mission:

is to inspire confidence, strength and empowerment through the power of pole, in an uplifting environment that encourages you to embrace your uniqueness, rekindle your inner sparkle and like a butterfly, flourish and transform yourself into

the most powerful version of you.

Are you ready to begin your Pole Journey with our

Intro to Pole Course - Exclusively for Complete Beginners 


We want to make sure you have the best experience possible to start your pole journey

Never touched a pole before?

Very early in your Pole Journey?

Done a few classes a while ago?


This Course is for YOU

You deserve the attention of starting your journey as a beginner with all other beginners,

everybody being at the same place in their journey so you all flourish together

We have found that it is a better experience for our beginner students, they feel more comfortable, less overwhelmed and more confident in their abilities sooner.

starting together with likeminded womxn

surrounding yourself with feminine energy  

habit of coming starts to build that bond 

benefits of why their waiting

i dont want to put you in a class with people whoa have alredy been poling for a while

You can either purchase the intro pack and use one of the class credits for a Pole for Beginners Class or just register for a Pole for Beginners Class below.

Mondays at 8:00-9:00pm

Wednesdays at 6:00-7:00pm

Thursdays at 7:00-8:00pm

Fridays at 11:00-12:00noon (from mid Oct)

We do recommend attending a few classes to really give you the best experience of them.

You will probably be super nervous before / during your first class?

But after a few classes you start to get into the swing of things and more focused on the awesome feeling of mastering moves, building your confidence both on and off the pole, discovering the support of the other students and start feeling part of the butterfly community.

Awesome! How do I sign Up?


Click on the link below to purchase the Intro to Pole Class Pack.

This will make an account on the booking system and add 4 class credits to your account, complete the required information, emergency contact, a few health questions then just select which classes you want to book into and register for them :)

Any questions please get in touch, we are happy to help and we know booking online can sometimes be a bit confusing.

Interested but maybe not the right time?

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Is that a YES? then please subscribe to Butterfly Studio's Mailing List.

We promise we wont spam you, just keep you up to date with current offers and goings on, you can unsubscribe at any time.

Some recent reviews from our Beginners Courses:

"I absolutely loved the beginners course. Jaime pitched it perfectly to my level, making it challenging but achievable, and structured but fun! The atmosphere was welcoming and friendly in a beautiful setting. I feel very grateful that we have such a great facility as Butterfly Studio in Arbroath."


"When I started classes I was bit nervous beforehand. After my 1st class I was hooked. Jaime is incredible and all the girls are so supportive and encouraging. It’s my little safe haven and has really helped build my confidence and I’ve made some new friends along the way. I never thought I could do most of what I can now and it’s so rewarding to see the progress. I would completely recommend giving it a try."


“Had my first ever pole class with Jaime today. She is a brilliant instructor and made everyone feel right at home. Holds and spins were broken down into little steps and I left feeling great after being able to do most of them (not perfect yet, but better than I thought I'd be).

If you have considered doing pole before, this is a great studio to come to. No previous experience needed and you don't need to be fit to learn the moves (I know I'm not). Will definitely be going back!



“I did the beginners course after a bit of a dare and loved it so much I continued to come to classes. I'm not an exercise lover and get self conscious going to exercise classes or the gym. But with Pole Classes it’s different!! I WANT to go. Everyone is so friendly and helpful and the classes are fun. I never feel uncomfortable even with my wobbly bits on show! The classes have given me so much body confidence and iv discovered I can do more than what I ever thought.“

"The beginners course was amazing! My fears were allayed almost instantly and Jaime makes everyone feel welcome. Each move can be attempted in one form or another by everyone until confidence is built and it was amazing how quickly my confidence built up and I was attempting things I would never have thought possible. At a very tumultuous time of my life, this class helped me to remember that I am a strong women who can achieve all my goals with just a little effort"

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