Pole Dance / Fitness


Most of the Pole classes are mixed ability (open to All Levels) however

we do have some level specific classes now too  ;

  • Pole for Beginners

  • Pole - Beginner / Intermediate

  • Pole - Intermediate / Advanced

  • Pole - All Levels


We work with people individually within the group class as
everyone progresses differently on each move.

The level specific classes are open to any level but are predominantly

that level of students.


All Classes

No experience necessary

No upper body strength required

• Wear comfortable workout clothing, ideally shorts and a t-shirt/vest top, if you are not comfortable wearing shorts to your first class wear what you can move freely in, ideally ¾ length leggings, but please bring a pair of emergency (short) shorts just in case you feel brave ;)

• Please DO NOT wear LOTION OR OILS otherwise you cannot participate in the class, this makes the pole slippery and dangerous

• Please DO NOT wear Jewelry (including rings)

• Bring water, socks and a sweat towel

10-11am - Pole - All Level

6-7pm - Stretch and Flex - All Levels
7-8pm - Pole - All Levels


10-11am - Pole for Beginners

1-2pm - Pole - All Levels

6-7pm - Pole - All Levels
7-8pm - Hatha Yoga with Carly

10-11am - Pole - All Level

6-7pm - Pole for Beginners

7-8pm - Pole - All Levels
8-9pm - Pole - All Levels

6-7pm - Pole for Beginners

7-8pm - Pole - All Levels
8-9pm - Pole Dance - Choreo Class


10-11am - Pole - All Levels


11-12noon - Pole - All Levels


2-3pm Pole Practice

Exotic Pole Dance - Workshop


Unleash your sexy side, slow things down, heat things up, learn moves and transitions to bring out the provocative in you!

What to wear / bring ...
Wear whatever you feel good in ;) the sexier the better, do your hair, make up & grab those heels!!

Pleaser Style shoes (platforms) and Knee Pads are also recommended, if you dont have any please bring socks.

Pole Practice


Must be booked at least 24 hour in advance to guarantee availability.

You MUST have attended at least 1 session at Butterfly Studio prior to Booking

• Practice whatever you want, flow, tricks, routines, spinny, competition rehearsal 

• Pole to yourself •  An Instructor will be there to supervise (but not teach)

Private Tuition


1:1 (or 1:2 or 1:3 or 1:4) Lessons are available, please contact us to

arrange a time.

The hour lesson includes:
• Undivided attention
• Work on moves of your choice (level dependent)
• Pole to yourself

• If it is your First lesson we will go over the fundamentals, basic moves, strengthening exercises.

Perfect for people who want to

• Build their confidence before joining classes • Progress quicker • Concentrate on certain nemesis moves • Just prefer 1:1 tuition



Samantha Smith   27th May 18   *****

"Just completed a beginners course and absolutely loved it. Jaime has created a relaxed and friendly space in her beautiful studio and it's obvious she encourages a culture of support and confidence at Butterfly. It can be nerve wracking going along to new things but i was made very welcome and Jaime is an excellent teacher who is attentive to every individual throughout each class. Pole fitness also a very effective workout and conditioning exercises are incorporated into each class. I'm left just as sore the next day as i would be after a long gym sesh but its also fun and not gruelling, an hour just speeds by. I'm looking forward to going along to the main classes and learning more, highly recommended."


Dawn Officer   14th May 18   *****

"Loved loved loved my first session
Everything explained in easy terms
Didn’t feel stupid or uncoordinated
Will definitely be back."


Morven Webster   11th Apr 18   *****

"Coming to Butterfly Studio has helped my fitness, core strength and body confidence. Jaime puts everyone at their ease, and you receive individual attention appropriate to your level.

I’m so glad I started on my pole fitness journey and have met lots of friendly encouraging people there.

If you want to get fit, make friends and grow in confidence, give Butterfly Studio a try, you won’t be disappointed."

Jessie Ann   29th May 17   *****

"I absolutely love the relaxed vibes in Jaime’s classes!

Everyone in classes are so friendly and welcoming regardless of what level you are at. Jaime works with you as an individual at your own level which is great. I really need to go more often to reap the benefits of pole fitness and to gain more experience. I’d recommend everyone giving it a try regardless of age, strength, flexibility etc <3"

Danielle Geddes     25th Feb 17   *****

"Great classes. Have only been to a few and already been taught loads of different moves. First exercise class I have actually looked forward to going back to every week."

Ashley Neill      29th Dec 16   *****

"I started classes at the end of September and was bit nervous beforehand. After my 1st class I was hooked. Jaime is incredible and all the girls are so supportive and encouraging. It’s my little safe haven and has really helped build my confidence and I’ve made some new friends along the way. I never thought I could do most of what I can now and it’s so rewarding to see the progress. I would completely recommend giving it a try."

Danielle Jamieson   4th Nov 16   *****

"I've been going to pole class for over a year now and I honestly love it, I can't imagine ever giving it up. Jamie is a great instructor, there's always something new to learn and when you get a move down it's such a great feeling of accomplishment. The other members in class are all supportive of each other, giving tips to one another on how to do a move/hold. I would definitely recommend going to anyone of any age."

Amy Allison   3rd Nov 16   *****

"I had my first lesson yesterday and was so nervous about going on my own but had so much fun! Jamie is so lovely and encouraging and the atmosphere in the studio is so relaxed! I can't wait to come back next week! Although I am feeling sore today! "

Saaz Clitherow   5th Oct 16   *****

"Had my first lesson tonight! Was very nervous as I'm a heavy woman (size 18) and thought I'd make a fool of myself. Not at all! Jamie was so lovely and encouraging, I learned 4 moves within the hour and totally surprised myself as to what I could do! Loved every minute and will be getting a membership as soon as I'm paid! Till then I will be booking again next week! Couldn't be happier! Xx"

Megan McLeod   24th Jun 16   *****

"Had my first pole fitness last night and I was so nervous about going on my own! Jamie and all the girls from my class were so nice and helpful! I was shocked at what I actually managed to do and I think I spent most of the class smiling away to myself! Had so much fun and I can't wait till next week! The class I went to was 8pm - 9pm which is fantastic as I don't get home from work till seven so usually can't make things! I literally changed from nervous and quiet to throwing myself into it and shouting yaaay!! In about fifteen minutes! So much fun! Thanks so much x"

Ruthana Duncan   19th Jun 16   *****

"I absolutely love coming to pole each week. Jaime makes you feel very comfortable and welcome. It's honestly ace, if your thinking about trying it then go for it! You won't regret it."


Sally Morrison   19th Jun 15   *****

"Excellent class. Helps tone you up and gain strength. For me it helps with my joints to keep my muscles strong so no more dislocations. I can't believe how far I have come on in such a short space of time. It is definitely worth a try! Love It!"

Cheryl Laing   29th Jan 15   *****

"Love this class... Just had a baby 4 months ago put stones on lol...I'm size 16 diet an exercise gets boring but pole is something iv always wished I could try... It looks amazing.. Started a diet same day as pole an going great...felt great every day since... Cant wait to see myself in few months an how we all progress at pole... Jaime's great instructor also a Great bunch off girls iv never met b4..x x.x"


Carly of Enchanted Scot Yoga runs her Yoga classes at Butterfly Studio, please get in touch with her to book or for more details, there will be more classes added to the timetable in the coming weeks so keep your eye on the schedule. I am loving my Tuesday night sessions.

Carly also runs Restorative Yoga on the first Friday of the month.